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Spiritual Kingdom

Spiritual Kingdom

I heard on the radio the other morning about considerations to raise the minimum wage earnings within the major city I live near. The reason why they finally decided to raise the amount was because of endless complaints of how a person earning minimum wage would have to work for an hour just to buy a lousy gallon of milk. This is definitely one of the signs I have seen of the transferring of wealth to the global elites.

Like I have said before, there are two ways to become wealthier. You can gain more profit every year with whatever it is that brings you income, or you can bring more profit and also decrease the amount of wealth the people below you have effectively increasing the gap between how much you have and how much the bottom feeding peasant doesn’t have.

Spiritual Kingdom

So what has gone on over the past 8 or so years that has helped in expanding the gap? We can begin with the dot com bubble burst. It definitely brought the stock market down for a while. A perfect buying opportunity for the elites of whom always have endless amounts of cash to invest. We had 9/11. Leading up to that time, Airline stock was shorted as well as currency. Our elected leaders decided that they would do absolutely nothing about illegal immigration and continue to the flood the country with H1B visas. This has eliminated any demand whatsoever for employees. This has lowered your wages and has also made you less valuable as an employee. Gas prices have tripled and food commodities have been purposely jacked with by the elites. Now, with our frozen wages that haven’t changed since 1998, we have to pay more for food and gas.

Much more. Interest rates were cut in half. This flooded the economy with money which has devalued the dollar and has devalued your spending power. If you bought a home during this era, you might have a lower interest rate, but you’ll never pay off the principal within your lifetime. So now, people have larger mortgages, are paying more for gas and food, and their wages have not changed over the years. This creates an effective plan to decrease the amount of the money you are able to retire with. A lot of young people today won’t be retiring in their 50’s or early 60’s. It will probably be very common to work until age 75 and beyond, or until you are physically unable. Added to all of this, your government has given away billions and billions of dollars to fake causes around the world. That money is then paid off by the taxed portion of the work that you perform. Most of us give away more than 1/3 of our paychecks to the government. The same government that will write multi-billion checks to fake causes such as aids in Africa, but yet has done nothing to make sure that the young generation of today will have Social Security to retire with tomorrow.

In my opinion, the worst thing that happened to put us into the situation we are in today is illegal immigration, H1B visas, and outsourcing. This has decreased your wages and has put a massive strain on the social welfare system that you pay for as well out of your paycheck. Gas and food prices have increased, so we have to give more out of our paycheck for that. We have higher mortgages than our parents did. Our parents made less money, but their paycheck beat inflation. Yours is falling behind.

Spiritual Kingdom

What can we do to help ease the situation?

The first thing to do is stop spending. People’s obsession to keep up with the Jones’ or have a bigger house than your friends should be dropped. The situation you want to have is a lower more manageable mortgage payment, a strategy for eating healthy but cheaper, a car that gets great gas mileage that you drive less often, and only a few items around the house for entertainment so you aren’t blowing your money on “toys”. With this, you can start putting more into your retirement account so you don’t have to die at work one day.

So with a situation such as this, what can we be guided towards?

When Jesus was here on earth, a lot of people at that time refused to accept him as the Messiah because he didn’t offer a kingdom of material wealth and riches. He offered a spiritual kingdom. By decreasing your wants and only spending money on your needs, you can move yourself closer to a spiritual kingdom. A spiritual kingdom can release you from the chains of corporate slavery. When you lose your greed and decide that you need less to enjoy your time in this world, you will enter into a spiritual kingdom that will offer freedom to you. There are two ways to become free in this world: Become rich with money so you never have to work again, or pursue a living within a spiritual kingdom where you do not need money.